Healed Outcomes

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Typical Healing Sessions

Powerful Energetic and Vibrational Healing Hands

Sessions are typically 60 minutes to 90 minutes at a cost of $100 (HS Tax included). For those of you who are seeking healing but are cautiously doubtful I offer an half-session aura cleansing and chakra re-balancing for $50. This is done inter-connectedly so that you receive the benefits of the clearing without having to visit in person.

Assisting with Life Transitions: For those preparing for significant change in their lives (e.g., divorce, job change) I offer The Lightening ceremony which is a deeply cleansing experience that helps clear out old patterns and free you of burdens attached to you so you more easily move into new situations in your life. For those who just want to relax I offer gentle (fully clothed and blanketed) body/Aura work with light and appropriate contact. If you prefer there can be no contact and I work only with your energetic/emotional body.

At a minimum you should feel a sense of peace as I do treatment sessions with you -- the ceremonies I perform remove the accumulated toxic burdens you carry giving you freedom to make changes in your life. My sessions involve Shamanic cleansing, journeying and altered states of consciousness based on ceremonies in the Algonquin Shamanic tradition. I can use Angel Fire, Reiki or crystal healing energies as well.

If you are interested in continuing your healing journey we would carry out follow-on sessions with more intensive clearing of deeply rooted issues or emotional wounds that may be holding you back. We would journey together into alternate realities to re-pattern you and bring you closer to who you are meant to be. I am trained and effective in almost a hundred ceremonies; we would choose which is most appropriate for each session.