Healed Outcomes

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A beautify mountaintop view indicating the life you deserve

What do you want in this life? Do you want to improve your health, or clear sadness from your heart or unburden yourself of some toxic emotions? These would be your "Healed Outcomes", your desired objectives for healing.

Your Healed Outcomes are limited by your beliefs. You may not believe your Healed Outcome is possible or you may feel you are not deserving. You may accept your Doctor's prognosis that sentences you to some unfortunate fate.  I work with you to overcome such limits and help you reach the Healed Outcomes you desire.

Your sessions can be carried out in several ways:

  • In-person with your visiting my healing space - most personal and experiential;
  • Solo inter-connectedly when I work with your energetic presence and I provide feedback and guidance via email afterward; or
  • We can connect via telephone/skype and interact during the session.

The healing sessions make use of non-ordinary methods to achieve your Healed Outcomes. Mostly I use sacred Shamanic ceremonies and healing techniques as taught by the 8th Fire School of Shamanism blended with my own special energetic vibrations or abilities. I assist you to come to terms with your situation, restore self-love, and regain personal power. I enlist your most trusted Spiritual archetypes to assist in your process.

I am not Indigenous so I do not call myself a Shaman but rather I carry out Shamanic practices.